This page contains all the documentation relating to an IPM SIPP, from establishment of the SIPP to taking benefits and purchasing commercial property. If you are unsure as to which document(s) you require please feel free to call the office and we will be happy to advise you.

If you are a client you should speak with your independent financial adviser before completing any of the documentation on this page.

Application Pack

This is our standard application pack for establishing a SIPP with IPM. We suggest that you speak to IPM before submitting an application as there may be additional forms needed to facilitate your requirements.
 Key Features
 Fee Menu
 Terms of Business
 Application Form
 Investment Advisor Agreement
 Investment Administrator Agreement
 Individual Verification of Identity Form

Taking Benefits

These forms can be used to take benefits from an IPM SIPP. If you are a client it is strongly recommended that you speak to your financial adviser before making a decision in regards to taking benefits from your SIPP and you should visit the Pension Wise website.
 Benefit Payment Request Form
 Income Request Form
 Flexi-access Drawdown Conversion Form
 Uncrystallised Funds Pension Lump Sum Form

Commercial Property

Where a property is to be purchased via an IPM SIPP there are a number of forms that we will require to be completed before we can instruct solicitors. We strongly suggest that any potential property purchase is discussed with IPM before any paperwork is submitted.
 Property Purchase Questionnaire
 Property In-Specie Transfer Questionnaire
 Property Notes
 Property Additional Fees
 Panel Solicitors’ Fee Guide
 New Lease Checklist
 Property Sale Questionnaire

Additional Paperwork

From additional transfers into existing SIPPs to changing a death benefit nomination, there are a number of additional documents which assist with the smooth running of our SIPPs.
 Additional Contribution Form
 Corporate Verification of Identity Form
 Standing Order Mandate
 Additional Transfer Form
 Investment Instruction Form
 Transfer In-Specie Questionnaire
 Adviser Charges Agreement
 Transfer In Questionnaire
 New Adviser Appointment Form
 Member Death Benefit Nomination Form
 Survivors Death Benefit Nomination Form
 Complaints Procedure
 Scheme Trust Deed & Rules
 Regular Contribution Amendment