Mark Kitson – MPL Wealth Management

How did you first find out about IPM?

Our relationship with IPM goes back well over a decade having been referred to them by another adviser. We run investment funds and use IPM SIPP products when a pension is required.

How long have you been using IPM?

Over 10 years.

What are the most important factors/considerations when choosing a SIPP?

We’ve dealt with big brand names in the past and have found that the bigger they get the less of a personal touch you get. In this day and age, the personal touch is important. With IPM you know who is running the show and it’s consistent.

How does IPM deliver on those factors/consideration?

They are very responsive. We run an open architecture type set up. If a problem is posed, you know that IPM will work with you to find a flexible solution for the client.

What are the key reasons why you recommend IPM to your clients?

Mainly because of our long history with them. They have a great track record and we know we can rely on them.

What do you believe are IPM’s key strengths?

In terms of our business model, IPM delivers what we want. They are small enough to respond to what we need. There are no red herrings. They do what they do best and run a very prudent ship.

How would you rate IPM’s administration?

We use at least seven other administrators for our business and IPM is up there with the best.

Could you briefly describe the most complex case you have given to IPM and assess how they handled it?

IPM have managed quite a few Defined Benefit transfers for us where the transfer value has been in excess of the Lifetime Allowance.

One portfolio was in excess of £1 million pounds so IPM had to confine quite a few segments from Aviva into different pots and had to segregate the different pots out so that we could apply beneficial tax purposes for the client. Otherwise, the client would have been taxed at 55%. IPM worked with Aviva effecting the transfer. There were no mishaps and they gave us and the client exactly what we wanted.

In three words or phrases, how would you describe IPM?

  • Consistent
  • Open
  • Friendly

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