Andrew Green – 1801 Financial Planning

How did you first find out about IPM?

I carried out research a few years ago to try and find a bespoke SIPP provider. IPM had been recommended to me with two or three other providers.

How long have you been using IPM?

We started working with IPM in October 2013, just over five years ago.

What are the most important factors/considerations when choosing a SIPP?

Service and the support they demonstrate to us and the client and ultimately the cost.

How does IPM deliver on those factors/consideration?

From my personal experience, the service is exceptional. The support I receive from James and Jonathan is great and I know our support team who use IPM would say exactly the same. From a cost perspective, they are not the cheapest, there are cheaper out there, but their cost is reasonable and is far outweighed by the service and support that we get.

What are the key reasons why you recommend IPM to your clients?

Ultimately the service they provide. As a SIPP provider, they are an extension of what we do. We pride ourselves on the service we give to our clients and it is second nature that any external partners working with us should deliver at the same level.

What do you believe are IPM’s key strengths?

The fact that they are SIPP specialists. They deal with SIPPs and that’s it. Their knowledge in the pension market is second to none.

How would you rate IPM’s administration?

I have received no complaints from our team and I am sure I would if there was a problem!

Could you briefly describe the most complex case you have given to IPM and assess how they handled it?

We had a client who ended up paying too much into his pension scheme. He quit his job halfway through a tax year and had also maxed out of his protected Lifetime Allowance. To complicate things further, he was also an active Member of Parliament and held a ministerial position.

As he had already paid all of his tax relief, IPM calculated the overpayment of tax relief and subsequently calculated how much he owed HMRC. The client paid HMRC what he owed from his pension scheme and IPM paid the amount of overdue tax relief to HMRC. IPM was really helpful, especially when it came to advising on the tax implications and assisting with the calculations.

In three words or phrases, how would you describe IPM?

  • Professional
  • Efficient
  • Knowledgeable

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