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The IPM Personal Pension Scheme was established in 1995 and for 20 years has seen a managed growth in the scheme membership.  This has been achieved without advertising and without offering a restricted service to attract new business, and is based on the very simple business model of specialising only in the administration of Self Invested Personal Pension Schemes.
At IPM, our aim is to work with individuals and their advisers to enable them to structure a pension investment portfolio and income withdrawal facility, specifically suited to their own requirements.  IPM does not give any investment advice, choosing instead to be regulated simply to provide pension administration services.  However, by employing experienced, long serving and dedicated staff, and by investing in a bespoke administration system, we are able to give a quality service, which sees most correspondence being dealt with in very short periods of time.
We like to keep things as simple as possible, providing the information required whist trying not to bombard members with unnecessary paperwork.  Our fee structure also works on a very simple flat fee basis.  Our experience has shown that this works well as clients know what their annual bill will be and are not surprised with unexpected add on costs for services that they thought were covered by the annual charge. 
IPM is a privately owned company that has always provided services on the same basis and proposes to do so going forward.  There is a constantly changing legal and regulatory framework which we have to work within but on the basis that this does  not fundamentally change, our plan is to continue to work in the way we do now i.e. specialise in doing what we know, to those individuals who require a personal service.  
IPM has always been a profitable organisation and some of those profits have always been retained within the business, not only as part of a reinvestment programme, but also to ensure that there are no cash flow issues.  The requirements of the Financial Conduct Authority is that we should always maintain sufficient resources to ensure that in the worst case scenario there would be an orderly wind up of the business.  IPM has always held sufficient capital resources to cover the FCA's requirement and more, including any proposed increases that may be considered/proposed from time to time.  Even through the recent period of financial unrest, IPM has maintained a very strong balance sheet and has continued to maintain and attract new business. 



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