Investment Flexibility

IPM does not operate panels of investment houses clients must select from therefore you are to work with the most suitable discretionary fund manager, platform, stockbroker or bank that meets your client’s requirements.

In 2014 the Financial Conduct Authority issued guidelines which impacted the type of investments which can be held in SIPPs. Investment structures were split into two categories:  standard and non standard assets. A list of standard assets was published, details of which can be found below. In general IPM is able to accommodate all investment requests into standard assets, subject to the completion of our internal due diligence:
  • Bank account deposits
  • Cash
  • Cash funds
  • Corporate bonds
  • Exchange traded commodities
  • Government and local authority bonds and other fixed interest stocks
  • Physical gold bullion
  • Investment notes (structured products)
  • Shares in investment trusts
  • Managed pension funds
  • National Savings and Investment products
  • Permanent interest bearing shares (PIBS)
  • Real estate investment trusts (REITs)
  • Shares listed on:
    • the Alternative Investment Market
    • the London Stock Exchange
    • a recognised overseas investment exchange
  • UK commercial property including agricultural land
  • Units in Regulated collective investment schemes 
IPM will continue to consider investments that do not appear on this list, known as non standard assets, however these will be subject to a thorough due diligence process. As a result of this process IPM reserves the right to not proceed with a requested investment. Please note that in certain circumstances investments originally deemed as standard assets by the FCA could be subsequently deemed as non standard. In this scenario IPM reserves the right to either carry out further due diligence or not proceed with the investment. IPM levies additional fees for assessing and holding non-standard investments; please contact us for further information.
Please contact IPM should you have any queries about whether a specific investment is acceptable within the IPM SIPP.
I.P.M. SIPP Administration Limited cannot provide any advice in regards to investments or their suitability. Independent financial advice should be sought before a client makes any investment within their IPM SIPP.